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The causes of baby hyperhidrosis and nursing methods -2


Nursing for baby hyperhidrosis:

If the baby was found sweating, first should seek for the reasons of hyperhidrosis. If it is pathological hyperhidrosis, mother does not have to worry too much, so long as to eliminate the outside causes which lead to baby hyperhidrosis. Windows need to be open frequently in hot summer, or may use the electric fan or air conditioning. Mother should notice that the wind cannot directly blow to baby, especially after baby falls asleep, because baby's skin pores open, and the body has perspiration, the wind directly blows to baby will make baby catch a cold.

Pay attention to baby's dress and coverlet. We advocate that baby have to wear one more clothes than adults, exercises baby's resistibility from a young age. Some mothers feel that babies' hands are cold in winter, and then they put much clothes on babies, several sweaters, cotton-wadded jackets and cotton-wadded trousers, cover several bed quilts at night. Parents should know that put too much clothes or cover too much quilts on baby will make him perspire massively. The clothes will wet by sweat and if not change in time, the wet clothes will dry by baby's own temperature and that will cause fever and cough. Baby who perspires badly will lose moisture excessively and cause the dehydration.

Parents need to supplement water to baby, the salt water is the best choice. Because same as adults, baby perspiration will not only lose moisture, but also lose a certain amount of sodium, chlorine, potassium and other electrolytes. Feeding baby salt water can supplement him with moisture content, sodium, chlorine to maintain the balance of electrolytes in the body and to avoid dehydration and prostration.

Parents should wipe baby's body in time when baby is perspiring. If family has the condition, they should give baby a bath and change his underwear. Baby's skin is tender and delicate, excessive sweat accumulated on skin corrugation such as neck, armpit, inguen etc, may cause the skin fester and lead to cutaneous infection.

Discovered that baby hyperhidrosis, parents should observe whether there is other complications or not and go to the hospital for treatment in time to cure the diseases which caused hyperhidrosis. If baby's hyperhidrosis caused by activity rickets, baby should be taken to hospital for treatment and take fish-liver oils and calcium powder orally, take more outdoor activities such as basking. If parents suddenly found that baby sweat a lot in summer morning, no fever, cream-faced, listlessness, four limbs are cold; they should consider the possibility of hypoglycemia. Feeding baby syrup first at home and send to the hospital immediately for further treatment.

Chinese medicine treatment. There is no such western medicine which can cure baby's hyperhidrosis separately. Baby can take some traditional Chinese medicines or the decoction to stop the perspiration. For example, 15g of heterophylly falsestarwort root, 15g of honey-fried radix astragali, red jujube 6-8, decoct and take orally. Take astragalus root medicinal granules with water, does not need to decoct. Baby who has rachitic can take Longmuzhuanggu medicinal granules with water.






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