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Specific symptoms of acute disease


There are some available bases which help to distinguish whether baby needs to see the doctors, if children have following situations and they really need to ask doctors for assistance: 

(1) Vomit: severe vomit; disgorge blue-green objects, which may be the intestinal block.

(2) Refuse to eat: the diet of baby is extremely less, for example, baby only took a few ounces of milk on two days.

(3) Less urine, even no urine;

(4) The blood pressure is very low;

(5) Hemafecia;

(6) Listless, sleepy and restless;

(7) Unusual yell, four limbs are weak;

(8) Shortness of breath or weak breath;

(9) Tallow-faced, the color of lips become purple blue;

(10) High fever (38.5 degree Celsius above);

(11) Severe dehydration: the eyes are hollow, the pate is depressed, skin loses elasticity and mouth is dry.

If infants have these all sorts of situations mentioned above, parents should ask doctors for assistance, they can go to the clinic of private doctors. If the time is urgent, they can directly go to the emergency room for treatment, medical personnel must be happy to help.



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