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Nursing methods and knowledge in baby’s special phase -1


Baby's each stage of growth can bring joy, and also brings confusion and helpless to parents. Especially on the first year of baby's born, they usually face some special periods, including teething, tired of milk, sick, finished vaccine, learning crawl and reversal of sleep. Each special period may possibly caused baby's discomfort and parents' obsession. This article will provide nursing methods in allusion to these special physiological periods.

When parents found that the situation of drooling increased and baby often put his fingers or hands in his mouth to suckle, and bite the things which he grasped. And now you might probably suspect that the baby is facing teething. Most babies will start to grow teeth around 6 months, besides the situation mentioned above, you may also feel obviously that baby's temper is becoming testiness, hard to comfort, often cries and unease. If your baby has entered the stage of teething, you can feel a hard small prominence on tooth's gum, which are the normal phenomenon.

As for baby on the teething period will have a fever, diarrhea, vomiting etc or not. These symptoms might be caused by other diseases and have nothing to do with teething. However, sometimes, baby's mood was influenced by the discomfort of teething, and even lead to poor appetite. It is important to help baby get through the discomfortable teething period.

Take a good oral health care on teething period, which will have a great help to dental health in the future. It is suggested that parents should clean baby's gum with wet gauze or handkerchief after feeding; on the period of teething, because baby only grows front teeth in early days, and parents can use fingerstall toothbrush to brush the surface of the teeth lightly; as for the gum before, although it has not teeth, it still needs to be cleaned with gauze; at a later stage, you can use toothbrush to brush baby's teeth, and may choose those with small head and soft toothbrush hair to avoid injuring the gum.




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