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Nursing methods and knowledge in baby’s special phase -2


The nursing methods for teething

Massage baby’s gum: sometimes parents may use fingers to massage baby’s inflamed gum, which will make baby feel better.

Prepare freezing soft food: if baby is unwilling to eat and lose appetite, parents can prepare some freezing and soft food.

Give him appropriate utensil: on the period of teething, usually baby like to bite something hard. In order to avoid baby grasp or bite things, parents should prepare him a permanent tooth implement; when eating carrots, apples or other hard vegetables, parents must be careful that do not let baby bite too much to choke. Usually, parents have to pay attention do not let baby get coins, peanuts and small toys, in order to avoid baby put them into mouth and choke up in the throat.

Timely love and care: in the beginning of teething period, baby needs parents' love and care. It may relax baby's mood, and make baby feel warm and comfortable.

Special physiological period——tired of milk

Baby is tired of drinking milk often happened after 6 months later, even some babies start to tired of milk in about 4 month and the reasons are many. Along with the time passing, baby's physiological growth and the sense organ function are getting more and more mature, he becomes curious about the environment around him and like to explore, naturally, he is easy to distract his attention from eating, this is the main reason of baby getting tired of drinking milk. In addition, after 4 months later, parents can start to add accesary foods for baby. After baby ate different diversified foods, he will love the new and loathe the old and no longer love the sole taste of milk.

Tired of milk was not represented that baby will be malnutrition. If baby's growth curve is normal, he is as active as before and no other exceptional phenomenon happened, some physical discomfort symptoms lead to tired of milk, such as: finished vaccine, teething and flatulence, etc. This situation usually lasts for several days and will return to normal and parents do not need to worry. However, if baby is still lack of appetite and motoricity is getting worse, it is necessary to detect whether there is other physiological disease happened.


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