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Nursing methods and knowledge in baby’s special phase -3


Nursing methods:

It is not suitable to change milk optionally: if the taste or ingredients of the milk has been changed suddenly, that will also cause baby refuse the milk. Therefore, when parents consider to change milk for baby, they should take a gradual way to add (half spoon of new milk powder until completely replace the old one every day).

To understand the reasons and to supplement demand: if baby is tired of milk just because of illness, it must be given proper food in accordance with different symptoms. Such as: constipation will affect baby's appetite and make him unable to concentrate on drinking milk. Then you may try to give baby some vegetable, fruits and other food which full of cellulose, which may improve the symptoms of constipation.

Supply diversified food: baby will tired of milk that may be because he has been tired of eating a single food, if parents can make some changes on the diversification of food that will improve baby's receptivity for food. In addition, if baby starts to eat accesary foods for a period of time, parents can even make some effort on the colors of food, such as: carrots, lean meat, green vegetables, egg-yolk......these are the best "mixes colors" material.

Adequate nutrition substitutes: baby does not like to drink calcium-rich milk; parents can provide the same calcium food substitutes, such as: dried fish, soup bones, and so on in order to complement it.

To reduce the external stimulus: children are easy to forget to eat because of his distraction. If there are some people constantly walking around and noise exists will distract baby's attention, thus, he will forget to drink milk. Therefore, to provide baby a quiet environment is a very important thing.

Pay attention to the design of the nipple: some babies tired of milk may be because of the nipple caliber size does not suit for suction, causes him to be unable to drink the milk smoothly. The way of testing nipple caliber is to reverse the milk bottle; the milk on the milk bottle which has standard caliber will drop out like drip. The one which drops too fast or too slow will easy make baby feel uncomfortable, and cause him tired of milk.

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