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Nursing methods and knowledge in baby’s special phase -4


Special physiological period——sickness

Although baby within one-year-old is not often go out and should not be easy to infect disease, however, the fact is absolutely not true, due to the physiological growth of baby within one-year-old is not yet mature, if there are other family members get sick, he will be easy to infect disease. Once baby is sick, the most important thing is to find out the pathogeny in time, rather than simply alleviate symptoms. For example: many diseases are easily caused the symptoms of fever, if parents only worry about the fever, but do not know the real cause of baby's fever, which will delay the disease.

The nursing methods for various diseases

The most common disease that one-year-old baby get are gastrointestinal system obstacle and respiratory disease. We make home-attendance suggestion in view of the following common diseases.

1. Tympanitis

This is the most common complication caused by infant upper respiratory tract infection, its symptoms are fever and restlessness, as the baby still cannot speak, he often rubs or pulls his ears to express his ache. When parents take home-attendance, besides giving baby medicines in time, they must strictly prohibit baby to scratch or dig his ears in order to prevent aggravation.

2. Gastroenteritis

The symptoms of gastroenteritis is diarrhea accompanied with vomit, moreover, may also have the symptoms of bellyache, fatigue, sopor and fever etc, should be on the alert. If parents found that baby' mouth is dry, eyes are sunken, skin is dry and urine is little, which represent the risk of dehydration.

Once discovered that baby has the gastrointestinal obstacle, lightness may be fasting momentarily, or adjusts the milk density thinner, and let baby have more rest; if serious, baby vomits and have diarrhoea and lead to dehydration, cause the electrolyte imbalance, then he must be taken to hospital immediately.

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