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Nursing is a key point in babyhood -1


The growth rate of baby's weight and height has slowed down in babyhood, but the development of muscle is obviously enhanced, the exercise ability of hands and feet has a great improvement. You can clearly feel his leg strength when he stands; when playing, he can grasp toys with two hands or does "push" movement consciously.

On this phase, because the different of baby’s corporeity, the growth rate of them starts to appear obvious differences.

Nursing principle

The main course is "milk", accesary foods added.

From last month, your baby has already begun to eat some accesary foods besides milk. But he still cannot completely obtain all the necessary nutrition which his development and growth need from these foods. But through adding accesary food to supplement the insufficiency of "milk"; meanwhile, the weak gastrointestinal tract will adapt various kinds of food gradually after ablactation.

Therefore, the main nutrition for baby still from breast milk or milk powder, and milk is still baby’s main course.

Practicing roll over

Now, some babies can turn over and roll in the bed. He can turn himself from lie supine to lie face downward, or from lie face downward to lie supine. No matter what position and posture are, as long as baby has been able to flip back and forth, that shows his strength of muscle has already increased.

In order to exercise this ability, baby should take the exercise consciously of rolling over properly under your careful nursing.

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