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Nursing is a key point in babyhood -2


Play moderately with baby

Now, it is very important to take some times playing with baby everyday. This can accelerate baby's development of aptitude and physical ability, and also helpful to increase the emotional communication between parents and child.

This phase, baby's movement and growth are increasing obviously and become very cute. Some parents are not unaware of controlling the quantity of playing, which will make baby feel very exciting and affect the sleep quality of day and night. And for long, that baby's health will be affected.

Pay attention to baby’s emotion

Now, baby could already express his emotion clearly and accurately. Because his mind is an open book, the expressions on his face are rich and colorful. When he is happy, he is giggling; when mother is leaving, even for a moment, he shows nervous and even cries out.

Therefore, you should pay attention to baby’s emotional changes, do not let him be in anxiety, so as not to affect his personality and temperament.

Watch out for baby’s safety

Baby can turn over by himself and his movement ability has improved a lot. Hence, mother should watch out the circumstance around baby to see whether there is hidden danger or not, in order to avoid the danger.

Do not let baby stay alone, even if he is sleeping. You should not ignore him. Because of without your attention, he will fall down from the bed.

Do not put the small items like pin or buttons on the place which baby can touch by his hands, in order to avoid he put them into his mouth accidentally and cause the future troubles.

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