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Nursing is a key point in babyhood -3


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Accesary foods added cause the changes of stool.

After adding accesary foods, parents are often worried about the changes of stool. Because of the different types of food, sometimes, baby's stool will make some corresponding changes. Actually, as long as baby's appetite is normal and psychosis is good, the color and the texture of the stool do not explain that baby is sick.

But, mothers should know:

·If you add some kind of food and baby's stool became watery after he ate this food, you should stop feeding baby this kind of food in a few days. After a period of time, you can start from scratch and add a small amount of this food slowly.

·If baby's stool becomes dry and less in a period of time, and difficult defecation, you have to check whether the food is lacking of vegetables and cereals.

If you do not feel relieved, you may consult doctors or experienced puericulturists.

·The appetite is fluctuating, sometimes good and sometimes bad.

The appetite is fluctuating, sometimes good and sometimes bad. This circumstance happened in adults and children. The key point is that to find out the reason and suit the remedy to the case, and the problem can be settled.


1. Matching variety of food. The baby of this month age must still feed with milk, and feed other foods as accesary foods.

2. The amount of accesary foods should be controlled properly. For instance, the total amount of fruits cannot be too much. Baby's stomach capacity is fixed, if he eats more than half of an apple, then he will not have appetite for other foods.

3. Give baby food to eat when he wants to eat and give much as he wants. Don’t force baby to eat food.

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