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Nursing is a key point in babyhood -4


Perspiring during sleep

Most of the babies perspire on their heads and napes when they just fall asleep or about to wake up. This kind of "perspiring" usually fades away after baby falls into deep sleep.

This is because baby's nervous system has not yet well developed, before falling asleep or when waking up, central nervous system will be in the alternate condition of "suppression-excitement", sympathetic nerve will present the temporary excitement, which cause baby perspired increased; in addition, drink a lot of milk before go to sleep or cover much clothes, which will also aggravate the perspiration.

Therefore, it is normal that most of the babies perspire after they fall asleep and as long as their spirit and appetite are good, it is no nee to eat tonic or leechdom; if accompanied by other abnormalities and the medicine must be applied after doctor's diagnosis.

Special attention

·Pay attention to the babies who don’t laugh

Baby on this month, he is energetic when he wakes up and making his own voice, "talk" to you forwardly. When you are absorbed in your work, sometimes he will "talk" with you or twist his body to attract your attention; and as long as you play together, he will laugh or shake his head constantly.

If in this stage, your baby looks quiet and elegant, not much expressions on his face and does not like to smile, and also have no response for adult's tease, then you should pay more attention to him. That may be relative to family members are too busy and have no much time to play with baby or "talk" to baby, or may be other hidden troubles.

In order to promote the development of baby's emotion and intelligence, parents should spend some times to be with your baby everyday, play with him and talk to him, and make he feel parents' love and care, and he will grow up healthily in the warmest and happy family atmosphere.

· Falling down from the bed

Baby's movement ability on this stage strengthens, if parents does not pay attention to him, he will fall down from bed easily. Once this situation happened, parents should calm down and do not frighten to lose their heads by baby's crying, and do not confuse by baby's "peaceful" appearance.

1. Check whether there are wounds, gores or hematoma on baby's body surface and exceptional changes in the hypodermic skeleton.

2. To observe child whether he is crying or not and his expression is dull, especially need to pay attention to baby's crying is as the same as usual, and whether if accompanied by screaming; after coaxing, his crying is stop or not.

3. The most important thing is to observe whether child has the symptoms of disorder of consciousness, paralysis and other symptoms; observe child has the phenomenon of vomiting within 24 hours. If abnormity happened, should go to hospital and treat.

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