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Newborn babies don’t need to use feeding bottles


Do you know that using feeding bottle wrongly will affect baby's health? After babies were born, some mothers have little breast milk and they use feeding bottles immediately to feed babies with milk or water. And in order to save trouble, some mothers are still using feeding bottles to feed their babies even they are 2 or 3 years old. Do you know that these mistakes will do harm for baby's health?

How to use feeding bottle correctly? How to feed a healthy baby with feeding bottle? When the parents should stop using feeding bottles to feed their babies? Whether the baby is fed up with breast milk or artificial feeding baby, "the feeding bottle" is the most important tool for survival. Mothers cannot ignore the great knowledge of small feeding bottle:

Newborn baby: Do not use feeding bottle at the very beginning

Baby cries piteously for food, but mother has no breast milk temporarily, at this time, some parents are afraid that babies will feel hungry, so they begin to feed babies with feeding bottle. But in fact, babies still store a number of nutrition which can maintain their lives, so they are not very eager to eat. If in the hot summer, baby perspires much, parents can use spoon to feed him some water. But parents do not use the feeding bottle absolutely, and cannot use the feeding bottle to feed him powdered milk.

Under usual circumstance, it is easier for baby to suckle rubber nipple than suckle breast milk. If baby has been fed powdered milk with feeding bottle after he was born, and then feeding him with breast milk, baby will easy to have the nipple illusion and especially easy to appear milk refused, fidget and other phenomena, cause breast-feeding difficulty, which not only makes baby cannot absorb the nutrient substance contained in puerpera's colostrum, but also makes mother's breast bulged and induce mastitis. Baby does not suckle mother's nipples for a long time will also cause mother's breast milk reduction.

The right way is to start squeezing new mother's nipple artificially and start to let baby suckle mother's nipple since baby was born. We can see more clear breast milk overflowed which is called colostrum. Colostrum not only contains the protein, fat and sugar which are easy to digest and absorb by baby, but also contains a lot of immune substances IgA and bacteriolysis enzyme which is bactericidal. These substances can keep baby away from diseases and also prevent allergic reactions, enhance baby's disease resistance, it is the most ideal natural food for baby.

Colostrum can make baby obtain a powerful passive immunization, the baby who suckle the colostrum, the rate of physiological jaundice is obviously on the low side. Those who never suckled mother's colostrum are easy to suffer from diarrhea, upper respiratory tract infection and even pneumonia. Therefore, even if the mother's breast milk is insufficient, you may also let baby try to suckle mother's nipple constantly, and baby's suction strength will stimulate the breasts and urge the secretion of breast milk, at the same time, it can also urge mother's uterus redintegration and reduce postpartum hemorrhage.


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