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Methods for enhancing baby’s immunity -3


Third secret: do more exercises

Reason: Life lies in movement. Although to a large extent, human's corporeity depends on genetic constitution, but also affected by postnatal influence. Those babies whose immunity is worse, so long as they can exercise their body unremittingly, they will also grow up healthily.

Best exercise to recommend:

Touching gymnastics: mother touches baby's whole body. Chest touching is from the center line to sides; Limbs touching is from the upper arm and go down slowly; feet touching should from arch to heel, the toes should be kneaded and the fingers as well. When touching back, you should put baby's arms on both sides of the body and the head sidewise, in order to avoid asphyxia. Touching baby from top to bottom, mother can use her palm to massage baby's little buttocks. For those babies who have been able to sit and walk for a while, they can do some empty-handed exercises under mothers' help.

Swimming: swimming can not only improve baby’s cardio-pulmonary function, but also exercises baby’s muscle. Baby of 4-5 years old can start to learn swimming.

A few words suggestion: Stop doing exercises immediately when baby feel tired.


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