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Methods for enhancing baby’s immunity -4


Fourth secret: zero pressure

Reason: Baby came to the world from mother's belly. The outside stimulation will make baby feel pressure, especially those sensitive babies, they will feel more pressure. When baby felt that the pressure was too strong, he would feel painful and his immunity will decline, especially those babies who often catch cold or indigested.

Policies of Three DON’T:

Don’t change nurserymaids frequently: changing nurserymaids frequently will cause pressure to sensitive baby.

Don’t do intercomparsion: When you educates baby to correct the mistakes, do not compare him with other babies. This behavior will make baby lose confidence and become weak and decadent.

Don’t quarrel in front of baby: When he saw his most intimate father and mother quarrelling, he got greater impact than his parents. If the family atmosphere is not harmonious, do not covetously think that you can foster a baby with brightness and health; on the contrary, if father and mother mutually love and respect each other, baby will realize the love from them.



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