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How to prevent child to be obese -1


Nowadays, children are growing fatter and fatter. How should parents adopt the measures to prevent children's fatness? First of all, parents should encourage children to participate in physical exercise. Especially the outdoor activities should be advocated. Childhood is the golden days for physical movement. Overweight children may grow into obese adults, and they will pay more prices for their inactive future life style.

In order to avoid his obesity, besides providing many kinds of physical training opportunities to children, parents should provide them with the comprehensive nutrient diet and beneficial diet environment. Parents should be patient and to understand that many diet habits of children are "normal". How to foster healthy diet habits which are beneficial for children? Experts proposed some advices.

Some problems on diet are not the problems at all. Parents often worry about that their children eat too little. However, children's development between the ages of 2-5 is absolutely not so fast as children at 2-year-old previous; the food they required which provides them energy is less. Children know they are hungry or not, therefore, parents should allow them to decide how much they want to eat.


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