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How to prevent child to be obese -2


The everyday activities of child are different, and so does his appetite. Perhaps the child is not willing to have lunch, but as soon as the lunch finished, he wants to eat something. If this kind of situation is caused by children own willing, and parents can solve it through fostering children's regular diet habits. When children need some snacks after dinner, you can give them some snacks and tell them that they are not allowed to eat any snacks between meals. It may be more appropriate to be flexible. Every time the amount of snacks should be adequate enough to maintain until the next meal.

When children begin to learn how to eat by themselves, they are likely full but also greedy; they take a lot but could not eat. Parents should remind them to take less and let them rest assured that there still has food.

Children will not immediately like to eat the food which put in front of them, even if this kind of food usually suits children's appetite. Even those adults who are not being choosy food, there are also some foods which they don't like to eat. Parents should expect that children will refuse to eat some foods; at least they should be expected when the first time children eat these foods. And after the second or the third time persuasion, it may receive the positive effect. However, it may costs parents a long time.

It is better to choose those foods which contain comprehensive nutrition as sweetmeat for children, especially the fruits, low fat ice cream, or yoghurt mixed with fruits. Such as cakes and biscuits, you'd better left them to the special occasion, or you may give children the sweetmeat as a special treatment, but only once a week, you can never treat the food as a prize and also cannot punish child just because he didn't eat the food you gave him. This is an important factor which constitutes the problem of children's diet.



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