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How to nurse infant eczema -1


Infant eczema, also called "erupted fetal disease" or "milk tinea", it is one of the common dermatosis in babyhood, belongs to the allergic disease, also called anaphylactic disease, and most be seen during the babies who are 1-3 months old. The reasons which caused the infant eczema are complex: the stimulation to baby's skin from outside; baby dyspepsia and congenital allergic corporeity possibly induce this disease. The infantile eczema assumes the symmetrical distribution, mostly occurs in baby's cheek, the forehead, the glabella and head as well as the skin folds, sometimes may also implicates baby's body and limbs. The initial period of disease, the red spot papula can be seen on baby's partial skin and pruritic. After several days, papula becomes the blain and fluid exudation will exude after ulceration of blain. Also after fluid exudation dry, it will become thick scab on partial skin. And when symptom is serious, partial skin will debaucjed and even secondary infection.

Infant eczema can be divided into dry eczema and sebaceous flux eczema. Dry eczema can be found mostly in emaciated babies, often appear in baby's scalp and glabella etc. It shows that there's few offwhite scurf like chaff fall off and not obvious fluid exudation. However, baby who is suffering from this type of eczema often cry and cannot stop or quiet down and sleep. Sebaceous flux eczema is often seen in obese babies; often appear in baby's calvaria, eyebrows, nose and ears. In the early onset, erythema, papilla or herpes can be seen in the baby's cheeks, it often seeps the yellow grease from papilla and form the unctuosity scab, but not obvious feeling of itch.

For those babies who are suffering from infant eczema, the careful nursing from their parents is the powerful safeguard to promote their recovery. Then, how to nurse such babies? You should mainly pay attention to the following 9 points:

1. If child is suffering from eczema, mother should avoid eating fish, shrimp, crab, egg, alcohol and spicy food during breast-feeding.

2. Baby's diet must be in fixed time and on fixed amount, breast feeding is the best choice. If baby is drinking milk, more water and less sugar should be added and time of boiling milk should be longer. Moreover, if baby is dyspepsia, he should carry on the treatment promptly.

3. To avoid touching baby's skin with irritant material, especially the eczema, also do not daub those skin care lotion which have abundant grease. At the same time, it is necessary to prohibit the use of soap and hot water to wash over the affected part.




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