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How to nurse baby's primary teeth?


You should pay attention to children's oral hygiene, foster children to form a habit of brushing teeth in the morning and evening, and do not eat snacks before going to sleep. Children should take the oral examination regularly.

Most babies have no special reaction when teething, but there will also be a small number of exception which have the symptoms of low-grade fever, transient salivation, fidget, sleep restlessly, etc. Baby's teething not only relates to the facial appearance, but also directly affects their growth and development. Therefore, it is very important to take good care of baby before and after baby's teething.

Keep oral cleanliness

Parents should pay a special attention to baby's oral cleanliness when his teeth will sprout soon. The method is very simple, that is after feeding milk or other accesary foods, baby should be fed with some water, in order to rinse the residual food debris of mouth. Make sure that baby doesn't keep the feeding bottle which contains milk or other drinks when he falls asleep.

Exercise the teethridge

Baby who is teething soon will often appear the phenomenon of recurrent salivation, gum itch and bite whatever he grasps. At this time, you can use teeth trainer which made from silica gel and let baby chew on the mouth, in order to exercise baby's jaw and gums, so that after the teething, the teeth will array neatly. Parents can also buy molar cake in order to accelerate the eruption of teeth.





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