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Guide for nursing baby of 6-12 months -1


6-12 months is the phase which baby grows rapidly, by now parents will not think that baby was "soft", but tougher. In this period of time, baby's weight approximately increases 500 grams and the height grows about 1.2 centimeters every month. With the increase of baby's months, baby has his own active actions, his activity amount and territory has enlarged. Baby who is 7-month-old can already sit alone, his view has also broadened and he will be attracted by new things. When baby is 8-month-old, he can crawl and his active territory is bigger than before. When he is crawling, he pushes his shoulders back and moves his legs, such whole body movement may strengthen the baby muscle's strength, and to promote the development of the functions of other organizations.

Due to the unceasing growth and development of baby in this period of time as well as the metabolic and physical activities carry on, his body needs the nutrition to supply continuously.

The nutrient content must be comprehensive


Protein is one of the major components which the body organized. It is composed of a variety of amino acids; it needs "9 essential amino acids" during growth and development, which are lysine, tryptophan, methionine, phenylalanine, leucine, isoleucine, threonine, valine and histidine. Dairy, the animal lean meat, liver, fish contain higher protein, and there is higher protein content in soybean plants. Other legumes and grain also contain a certain amount of protein.


The main function is to provide energy and essential unsaturated fatty acid which human body needs. If daily supply of fat is insufficient, baby will easy to become thin and appear xeroma and rickets etc. But eating too much can lead to obesity and even fatty liver, and cause the arteriosclerosis ahead of time. Therefore, moderate feeding fat is necessary.





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