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Guide for nursing baby of 6-12 months -2



Carbohydrate is the most important and economical source of heat energy which supplies to human body. The rapid proliferation of cells in brain and nervous system development will require a large number of glucose; sugar is also an essential material which maintains the heart and nervous system normal physiological functions.


Vitamin is a necessary kind of nutriment which maintains human body's normal metabolism. Most of them cannot be synthesized in the body or synthesis insufficiency; therefore, it must be supplied by food. We have found many different types, and vitamin A, BI、B2、BBl2、C、D、K、E and folic acid etc which have a remarkable relationship with the nutrition of children.


The human body needs many types of minerals, the most important minerals in infants nutrition aspect are calcium, phosphorus, iron, iodine, zinc and so on. Infants and young children are easy to lack of calcium and iron and often lead to rickets and malnourished anemia; therefore, parents should pay attention to supplement.

Essential accession of accesary foods

Because the activity amount and consumption of 6-12 months baby are big, his growth is exuberant and he needs more nutrition. Breast milk and milk have been unable to meet the demand of baby's growth. Baby in this phase is easy to suffer from nutritional deficiency diseases, and need to add accesary foods to ensure the normal development of infants, and to prevent malnutrition and avoid the effect of brain development. The principle of adding accesary foods is:




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