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Guide for nursing baby of 6-12 months -3


◇According to baby's ability of digest and his demand of nutrition, increase breeds gradually. Try one and after 3-4 days or 1 week when baby adapted, the other breed can be added.

◇The amount of accessorial food should be from less to more, thick to thin, light to strong and increased gradually.

◇When the weather is hot; baby is sick or his digestive function is not good, you should stop or delay to add new food to avoid indigestion.

◇Each time after adding the new food, you should watch out for his digestion situation. If you find that his stool is abnormal or other symptoms of dyspepsia, you should stop feeding him this kind of accesary foods and feed him from less to more after his stool is back to normal. Children's individual difference is big; you need to grasp nimbly the time, category and amount of adding accesary foods.

The varieties of accesary foods:

Vegetable soup and fruit juice

4-6 months can be implemented. There are vegetable soup, tomato juice, hawthorn juice, fresh orange juice and other foods which contain rich vitamin C. 2 times a day and about 1-2 soupspoons each time, increases gradually.

Fish-liver oils and vitamin D preparation






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