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To ensure newborn baby’s sleep


What should be noticed when newborn baby sleeps?

It is unnecessary to use pillow

New parents may think that even newborn baby needs a small pillow. Actually, it goes against their growth and development if using pillows. Newborn baby's spinal column is flat, when he lay low, his back and the back of the head are on the same plane, which will not lead to muscle tension and stiff neck. Newborn baby's head is big, and as wild as his shoulder, his side lying is also natural, and therefore, baby doesn't need to use the pillow. If parents use the pillow to block up baby's head, on the contrary, his head and neck will be curving, and affects baby's breath and swallow. Or even the accident will happen.

Maintain the sleeping posture of resupination

An international pediatrics research team recently published a study report to show that, it is better no to let them sleep pronated during the first 3 months after baby was born. Because the possibility of death when baby sleeps pronated on this phase is 4 times more than baby supine sleep. They said, if baby put his head on the soft pillow when sleeping, he may inbreathes the gas which he exhaled and cannot get the adequate oxygen. Most pronated sleep babies must raise their heads to breathe for 3-6 times each night, but still have 5% of babies cannot realize the increase of carbon dioxide in the air. Especially those babies who used to supine sleep, when they first time sleep pronated, the possibility of death on bed is nearly 20 times higher than those babies who used to supine sleep.

The following are some methods to ensure the safety of newborn baby:

1. Parents should keep baby in the posture of supination, even when he is taking a nap. This is the safest posture which will help to reduce SIDS risks;

2. Put baby on the solid bed, such as the crib which passes the security certification. According to the survey, put baby on the soft mattress, sofa, sofa cushion, water bed, sheepskin pad etc will increase the risk of SIDS. Taking away the variety of soft toys around the place baby sleeps. Don't let your baby sleep on the soft, downy, loose blankets.

3. Let every one who looks after baby to know that they should maintain the right posture which baby lies supine, and to know the harm of sleeping on soft objects. Tell nanny, grandparents and other fosters about the harm of SIDS.

4. To ensure that baby's face and head won't cover anything when he is sleeping. Don't make blanket, quilt to cover baby's mouth and nose, the best way is to put the bedgown on baby and that will not need to cover other things on baby. If you cover blanket or quilt on him, make sure that baby's feet are in the bottom of the bed and the blanket is not higher than baby's chest, the edge of the blanket should be placed on the periphery of the bed.

5. Do not smoke on baby's side.

6. Do not let baby feel too hot when sleeping. Keep him warm when he is sleeping but not too hot. The room temperature for baby should make adults feel comfortable, cover too much clothes or quilt will make baby feel too hot.

Moreover, some mothers always worry about that babies will welter during the sleep. When child can turn over by himself, the risk of SIDS will be reduced. The most dangerous period of SIDS is 2-4 months, because in this period, most babies still cannot turn over from supine posture to prone position.


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