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Guide for nursing baby of 6-12 months -4


Everyday you may give baby 400 International unit's prevention of vitamin D. Dose from the fourth week after he was born, and dose 1-2 years continuously.

Starchy foods

Children's salivary gland was fully developed until his 6 months, therefore the amylase is insufficient and the digestion ability of starchy foods is poor, so starchy food cannot be applied too early. You can make some rice paste, rice cake or add some milk powder to make some milk gruel and milk cake. When baby is growing older, he can eat some steam bread, roast bread and biscuit etc.

Vitellus and fish

Egg yolk, chicken, duck and pig's blood contain more iron; initially parents can mix 1/4 of egg yolk with rice paste, and increase gradually. The fish should be well cooked, and clean out the fish bones, it is good for supplement protein, promote calcium absorption and brain development.

Vegetable oil

Vegetable oil may supply the rich quantity of heat, and contain unsaturated fatty acids and can increase the flavor of food; it is more beneficial for those babies whose appetite is small. Thus, parents should pay attention to increase vegetable oil, peanut oil, sesame oil and rapeseed oil can be.

Animal and plant protein food

Baby who is 8-month-old can gradually eat the entire egg, fish, poultry, liver paste, bean curd etc and may be increased from few to more. Liver contains extremely rich nutrition, its iron, vitamin A, B group are far beyond than other foods. Baby of 1-year-old can gradually eat beef and pork to enrich his diet and to promote his appetite and improve nutrition. The milk nutritional value is high and is only inferior to breast milk. But the daily volume of 8-month-old baby cannot exceed 800 ml, otherwise, reduce other accesary foods will cause unbalanced nutrition.






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