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The treatment and prevention of children's malnutrition


Treatment: How to cure the children's malnutrition?

To eliminate the pathogeny

Prevent and control the primary affection actively, timely treatment of various congenital malformations, and timely improvement of feeding methods.


Supplement nutrition, the quality and variety of foods should be increased on the basis of the original food gradually. Being overhasty will make children hard to endure and lead to the opposite consequences.

Support stimulating therapy

1. Supplement various digestive enzyme (zymine, pepsin, etc.) and multivitamin.

2. Take the circumstances into consideration that injecting blood or plasma and albumin preparation with a small number and many times can meliorate anemia and hypoproteinemia, promote the resumption of metabolism and enhance organism resistivity.

Prevention: How to prevent children's malnutrition?

Strengthen the instruction of the nutrition

Encourage mothers to feed their babies with breast milk. Mothers who have insufficient or no breast milk, their babies can be supplemented with milk substitutes which contain high quality protein (milk of cows and goats, soybean milk, fish, etc), to prevent simply feeding with starch foods, condensed milk or malted milk. Parents should pay attention to the correct match for the ingredient of food to older children, properly supply them with meat, eggs, soybean products and adequate vegetables.

Prevent diseases actively

Prevent the infectious diseases and eliminate the focus of diseases, rectify the congenital malformations, etc.

Emphasis on physical exercise

Correct the bad habits of health and diet, fixed diet time and ensure adequate sleep.



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