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The reasons of children's malnutrition


What cause the children's malnutrition?

Improper feeding

Long-term insufficiency of breast milk and cannot be supplied with accesary foods earlier; artificial feeding baby, the quality and quantity of food cannot satisfy his need, such as excessive dilution of milk or feed purely with starchy food; suddenly weaning, baby cannot adapt the new food, etc.

Bad eating habits

Indefinite partiality of food, rumination habit or neural vomiting etc.

Disease factors

Disease influence appetite and hamper the digestion, absorption and utilization of food, increase the consumption of organism. The common diseases which can cause malnutrition:

Deferment infant diarrhea, chronic enteritis or dysentery, malabsorption syndrome which caused by the lack of a variety of enzymes, intestinal parasitic diseases, tuberculosis, measles, recurrent respiratory tract infection, chronic urinary tract infection, etc;

Some congenital malformation of digestive tract (such as lagentomums, cleft palate, congenital hypertrophic pyloric stenosis or cardiochalasia, etc) and severe congenital heart disease may cause feeding difficulty;

Some hereditary metabolic disorder and immune deficiency may also affect the digestion, absorption and utilization of food.

The premature delivery and twin will easily cause malnutrition. Intrauterine infection, pregnant woman has diseases or undernutrition, the abnormal structure and function of placenta and umbilical cord may lead to fetal malnutrition.





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