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The prevention of children sleep disorder


The quality of sleep can directly influence children's physical and brain development. Good habits and sleep hygiene (including sleeping without turning on the light, indoor ventilation, correct sleeping posture, not eating too much food before sleep, etc) can accelerate cerebrum to grow normally and to obtian sufficient rest.

Help child to feel relieved. Removed the physiological and physical factors, parents should try to avoid those things which may cause night terror and objectively relieve children's pressures. At the same time, by telling story and playing games, parents should carry out the target-oriented psychological leading, relieve his anxiety and relax body and mind, foster his strong will and cheerful character. After going to bed, parents can speak to children or listen to easy music together, which can also make children fall asleep happily. This is the good way to avoid night terrors.

Moderately increasing children's amount of exercise during the daytime, this can not only enhance corporeity, but also promote brain neurotransmitter balance. Children's activities during the daytime are many and they are tired, they will sleep deeply and improve the sleep quality.

To those children who has related symptoms of sleep disorders, parents should pay attention to adjust their sleep posture and the height of pillow to maintain a good sleep posture(lateral position) and suitable height of pillow(about 10 centimeters).

Children often dozed off during the daytime, so the time of sleep at night will be shortened, which is due to the disorder and fragmentation of sleep. That will easily cause restless sleep at night and insufficient hours of sleep. Therefore, parents should find out the reasons why children often dozed off on daytime and take the countermeasures to correct them.





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