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In the construction industry, stone with its solid texture, beautiful colors and magic illusions change stripes have been widely applied increasingly. stone building materials and decoration bring beauty for people's living environment, make people feel full of natural beauty and charm. With a large number of applications with the stone in the construction industry, Stone protective agent play an important role on decoration effect and showing the stone natural beauty. and Stone protective agent quality, performance, is especially vital.

The stone material protective agent may divide into the water-based type and the -based type two kinds according to the solvent type. The water type has the color transparent and the emulsion type, according to the emulsified technology, has the cream color emulsion and the micro blue color transparent micro-emulsion. The emulsion stone material protective agent has aroused all people's interest by its good barrier property and the unique job practice, this kind of stone material protective agent adopt the oil soluble solute and joins the emulsifier, take the water as the diluent and high speed agitate them to make it.

water-based emulsion mainly has pure silicon, silicon and silicon-fluorine, color is milk white, the smell is small (SILOXANE possible a to light white yellow, a smell) non-flammable, toxic or relatively small, pH value of 6 ~ 7 , is the neutrality, durability is generally 10 to 15 months, when use if there is no stratification it means no abnormal, and with reaction activity, can be normal use, on the contrary may have been curing or tiered emulsion.

The emulsion stone material protective agent's solute has certain active multi-compositions and so on of functionality siloxanes and fluorine silicon hydride, this kind groups with the active ingredient carry alcoholysis reaction the ion condition water on stone material surface, thus causes the siloxanes and the fluorine siloxanes has chemistry keying connection with the stone surface, from outside to inside of the stone surface and stone inside pore surface forms a kind of complex network structure, this kind of network structure is extremely dense, it may filter polar and carbon dioxide, slows down the speed that water molecules go in and out the stone pore, so the stone will not be soaked by the water molecules, meanwhile to be a barrier to stop alkaline compounds and salt to infiltrate from an interface to another, also can have the very good physical enhancement effect.

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