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Styles of Outdoor Fountains


Talk about selection! Outdoor fountains come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes. Here are just a few broad categories and examples of each:

Freestanding fountains are great focal points for a patio, flower bed or lawn. They do not require a pond to stand in to draw its water. These units have a lower bowl that acts as a reservoir. They are easy to install and typically come with a built-in pump.

The classic bowl fountain has the water shooting up from its center. These types of fountains can sometimes be fitted with a light and colored lenses, which light up nicely in the evening hours. There are also freestanding fountains that consist of a pillar with a large sphere on top. Water streams out of the top of the sphere and runs into a pool that's built into the top of the pillar.

Fountain Jets & Spray Fountains

Fountain jets spray streams of water up into the air in a variety of patterns which can be adjusted to different heights and shapes. Spray fountains also known as pond fountains, lake fountains or pond aerators come in a variety of voltages and interchangeable nozzles. In addition to their beauty, they also have a practical purpose in that they aerate the water. If using in a pond or lake, this increases the oxygen content and can improve the health of your aquatic plants and marine life while decreasing algae growth.

Wall Mounted Fountains

If you have a small yard, but are still looking for a graceful addition, consider a wall fountain. They are generally light weight and attach easily to a wall or fence without the need for complicated hardware. Wall fountains usually consist of a rectangular or oval base, with a spigot near the top. Water runs gently out of the spigot into a small pool at the bottom of the fountain.


Solar Island Fountains

Enjoy the sights and sounds of moving water without the hassle of special wiring or plumbing. The pumps and filters of solar island fountains are powered by sunlight. Best part of it all is that it uses that free solar energy. No more worries about leaving your fountain running or your electric bill spiking.

If you are looking for a solar fountain that also works at night, look no further than the Illuminated Solar Fountain. Not only does this fountain charge with solar power, it has a battery backup so it pumps for a 4 hour durations.


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