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The emulsion stone material protective agent mainly has two kinds: The first kind is the pure organosilicon class, the white is the granulated siloxanes, other parts are the water. This kind of product has different effect according to the siloxanes different structure, like the waterproofing, alkali-proof, add color and so on. The distinguishing method is to dry the beaker with small quantity of  emulsion under 100~110℃, burn the solid residues, its ashes are the pale blue powder, namely the siloxanes oxide compound ~ silicon dioxide, accompanied by the few remnant which is the carbide. The second kind for the fluorizating silicon class emulsion, its essential component has certain fluorizating siloxanes.

These products, ie pure organosilicon emulsion has the improved function of alkali and oil proof, the only method to identify is that there are some black mixed with the first kind of ashes. Although the fluorinated silicone emulsion have some protective effect on oil, but do not have the advantage pure organosilicon emulsion which has waterproof, anti-aging, anti-yellowing, wind resistance and reinforcing properties .

The emulsion type stone material protective agent have the obvious difference from other stone material protective agent , this kind of stone material protective agent has its unique performance, the job practice is also different. When it carries on the dry stone material it must use brushes, soaks and so on methods, when adopt brushing method, we suggest that brush at least 2 times, so to achieve the best protection effect. The emulsion stone protective agent the biggest difference with other stone protective agent is that it could work on the moist stone material, generally adopt the immersion  method for the job.

Some of the construction unit also specially design a set of construction equipment on the wet stone dry protection, this device has a rectangular soaking trough, followed by a drying rack, the protective agent trickled from the plate will flow automatically and return to the soaking trough.  Specific methods of operation are as follows: First place the wet stone for 2 minutes, so there is no flowing water on stone surface, and then put the stone in soaking trough for 2 minutes, and then get it out and put on the drying rack for 2 minutes.

After that, could pack them for transportation, no contact with water again within 24 to 48 hours, then it automatically have protective effects, after 5 days, the protective effect achieve to the best. Its principle is: when the stone immersed in the emulsion protection agent, the water in Stone pore exist the large fluid pressure difference with the emulsion protection agent surrounding the stone, so that the siloxane of the emulsion protection agent can automatically be pressed into the internal pore of the stone and chemically react with the ion water, thus to form a kind of net state protection layer, so to achieve protective effects.

This kind of stone protective agent can be carried on the moist stone, it reduce  very big worry (particularly in rainy season), raised the Construction area use rate, save the construction time, bring the very great economic efficiency for the Construction.

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