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Emulsion stone protective agent has the essential difference in the effect and the performance between the colorless transparent and water-based type of methane-siliconic protective agent which belongs to the silicic acid salts single molecular compound, it is one simple water-repellent which is suitable for the cement basic material, the pH value 10~14, belongs to the strong alkalinity,  has strong corrosiveness.

Put this kind of stone protective agent on the stone surface and it has the chemical reaction with the massive carbon dioxide and the water of air, thus to produce water-proof type of polymethyl methacrylate whose network structure resin has the function of water-proof.  but will form the white powder onthe stone surface, after the use, if meet the alkali  will be easy autodecomposition to lose the protection effect, and its strong alkalinity will damage the stone internal structure, the accelerate stone’s pulverization, will cause stone easy to have the floccosoids, the green spot, will meet the cement easily to have the water stain, make the aging time to be short, generally will be 3 months to 1 year.

Emulsion stone protective agent  is in the true sense  the environmental protection seepage stone protective agent, after the use, does not have any injury to stone material, does not change the stone color, according to the nature structure act differently to achieve the waterproofing, to bear the alkali-proof, oil resistant and so on performance, it’s aged time theorily is 10~30 years.

The emulsion stone protective agent has certain insufficiency compare to the solution type stone protective agent on the protection effect, stone protective agent with the same solute, the emulsion is weaker than the solution type in the penetration depth, the water-absorptivity, alkali-proof, oil resistant as well as aging, but the emulsion stone protective agent has followed the environmental protection and the hygienic request, not to affect the environment seriously, its use is easily, not flammable, safe, the stone color deterioration coefficient is small, achieved from the real sense both has protected original, and did not produce the new pollution, thus it is called as“green environmental protection stone protective agent”, and the price is quite low.

Therefore the emulsion stone protective agent continues to occupy an important place in the market, and will become the popular product welcomed  by the populace.

Although the emulsion stone protective agent variety are not many, some quality good some quantity not good, but along with the national standards' releasing for the stone protective agent more thorough understanding, believe that more product with  low price, good quality will come out flourishly, enables the user to obtain more actual benefits.

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