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Correctly selects the stone protective agent is one of the key factors to guarantee stone maintenance project quality.  Each kind of stone material protective agent is not a panacea, its performance mainly displays in the universal serviceability, that is effective for most stones.  But from the other hand, each product also has its uniqueness, namely the stone material performance is specially fine to some certain stone or the performance is not ideal or even invalid to some stone. Based on this, we when selects the stone protective agent, must aim at the different stone material variety, in the different environment, different installs under the different craft as well as the different protection request carries on the correct choice. If choose improperly, not only after protection that the construction cannot achieve the anticipated effect, instead will cause the the problem even more serious and complicated.

Shanghai Hong stone maintenance Limited company is engaged in the research and the production for stone protective agent for long time, and unifies the project practice, summarizes some experiences for how to select the correct stone protective agent, , and proposed some matters needing attention and the suggestion on the stone protective agent's choice and use, Let’s  discuss together here with everybody:

I. stone protective agent’s selection

  1. choose according to the request of first party:


If protection goal is to prevent the pan-alkali, or rust and so on, generally use the organosilicon stone protective agent to be able to achieve the effect. Like “green angel” HB-G118, G168, G710, G711, G713 and so on; If the protection goal is synthesizes the waterproofing and anti-dirt ability, generally use the organic fluorine stone protective agent to be able to achieve the effect. Like “green angel” HB-G778, G788 antifouling stone protective agent.

  1. choose according to the stone installation environment:
If use in the outdoor suggest to choose stone protection agent “green angel” HB-G700 G710, G711, G713, G788 and so on the greasy type to carry on processing. Because greasy protective agent's anti-aged ability is stronger than other water type, therefore the service life is also longer; If it is indoor, except the greasy protective agent, also could choose HB-G118, G168, G778 this kind of water type to carry on the surface treatment. Because indoor are not affected so much by environment, therefore the affection on product life is small, the low-cost water type protective agent is welcome by many customers.


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