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Holiday Stone Care Tips


Increased traffic in your home – from dinner parties to overnight guests – creates wear and tear on your stone (marble, granite, limestone, slate and travertine) surface investments. This makes protecting your stone surface investments – countertops, walls, vanities and floors – a must during the holiday season. Some before and after the holiday tips are offered to ensure all your stone surfaces are clean and protected.

Preparing for Guests

• Test the Sealer – Before guests arrive, take a few minutes to determine if your stone surface requires resealing. Simply place a drop of water on the surface and let it sit for 15 minutes. If the surface darkens or the water is absorbed into the surface, reseal as soon as possible. If it remains on the surface, clean it up… there is no need to reseal. Continue to maintain the surface with water-based daily stone cleaners.

If the stone does require resealing, select a water-based stone sealer that protects the surface from staining and is safe for kitchen and bathroom use. This and similar products are available in Home Depot's kitchen department. The sealer is ideal for both countertop and floor use and prevents water and food-oil stains.

• Prevent Dull Surfaces – Polish your stone countertops and vanities to enhance color, prevent dulling, avoid beverage rings and shun shower wall streaks before the guests arrive. If you are polishing countertops, be sure to use a product that is safe for kitchen and bathroom use.

• Last Minute Clean Up With a Touch of Winterberry – If the seal is good and your surfaces are protected, be sure to wash stone surfaces before guests arrive with a water-based stone cleaner. For a hint of winterberry fragrance to set the holiday mood, use Clean EnCounters with winterberry.

Use products made for stone surfaces that do not require rinsing. Always avoid any acids, harsh chemicals, oils and standing water. Also, when using cleaners on countertops, ensure they are safe for food handling.

After the Holidays

• Once the guests are gone, check your stone surfaces to identify any stains. To remove stains use a product that contains poultice powder. Poultice powders work by reabsorbing stubborn stains from the natural stone surface.

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