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3. choose ccording to Stone installation craft

For stone installation which adopt wet paste and filling, usually recommend to use HB-G713 to do the protection for front sides and side face 2 times, then it will be ok(detected through the national authorities). If you do not feel assured , you could use HB-G633 to protect bottom, the protection agent for bottom surface should focus on the alkali-resistant, and  not affect the stone and cement bonding fastness. Marble wet paste can choose HB-G118, G168, G700, G710, G711, G713 firstly for surface water treatment, sandstone surface Select HB-G700, G168 to do surface treatment, and then for the bottom use with HB-G633, G733 for water-proof and anti-alkali. the Stone hanging with outer wall, focuses mainly on water-proof, and can choose to use HB-G118, G168, G710, G711, G713 and other products.

4. if it is the is the stone with compact structure, like Spain crema marfil, slate, still suggest to use greasy type protection agent. Like “green angel” HB-S301, G710, G711, G713 etc. Because its solvent has strong penetration, could penetrate to the stone interior and act protection. But should pay attention, for black stone with compact structure, the protective agent can deepen the stone color, should process carefully; for stone with general structure, both greasy and water type could be selected. Like “green angel” HB- G118, G168, G700, G710, G711, G713 and so on.

5. If it is a restaurant, cooking bench, lane or other easily polluted places, propose the surface use organic fluorine-based Stone protective agent in order to enhance the capacity of stone surface anti-dirty abilit. Such as green angels HB-G778, G788 stone protection and pollution-preventing agent.

6. If it is square, aisle, public places stone, it is recommended to use HB-G713 oily infiltration protective agent on the surface and side 2 to 3 times to do the  protection. moreover acidproof, anti-alkali, anti-aged ability to surpass national superior product standard one time above, the quality very well. If that is Railway station stone, or the lower ground stone, with the exception of the surface and side processing with HB-G713, should do a good job at the bottom with HB-G733 for processing.

7. There are many customers prefer to make membrane maintenance processing on the stone rough surface. this kind of project suggest to use the stone membrane maintenance protective agent which consist of organosilicon raw material. (for example “green angel” HB-S502, S513 and so on), this product hardness is good, the cementation intensity is high, the ultraviolet ray is not easy to turn yellow; Do not use the sealant made of acrylic acid as raw material to be bottom sealant, this product mainly designs for the bottom surface seal, if use for stone surface quite often the surface material sheds color change.


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