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II. Notes for the choice of stone protective agent.

1. Not just look at the product description, any product must carry on the field testing to determine whether can choose to use later

2. when select product, not to be hoodwinked easily by the product superficial water proof effect, the effect is only temporary, only after remove the superficial residual part and again carry on the test, it then will be the true effect which this product.

3. when select must pay attention that after the use of stone protective agent, whether it will change the stone color or not?  the surface remains whether easy to eliminate, whether to affect the stone surface radiance.

4. the construction craft is one of the important standards to choose the stone material protective agent, if the craft is too complex, it will cause the cost to rise.

5. the seal place must select the greasy stone protective agent carefully, do not select to use the agent contains the benzene solvent. Moreover, if the construction the air circulation is impeded, extremely easy to cause the construction personnel to be poisoned.

6. for the polish stone suggest not to select film-type stone protective agent, because too smooth surface will affect the protective agent film cementation fastness.

7. must pay attention to distinguish each kind of edition of examination report. In the present case, JC/T973-2005 standard "Natural Stone Protective agent used for Construction and decoration " is the only standard in our country for protective agent. Other reference standard belongs to the non-standard test, whose quality standard is lower than that of " Natural Stone Protective agent used for Construction and decoration ".

8. do not pursue the low cost to be penny-wise and pound foolish, the quality first, price second is the most important principle to select the stone protective agent.

Any stone protective agent the effect is relative, therefore when select the product must choose according to the actual request and the effect, correct construct, strengthens later period maintains, so that to achieve the desired effect.


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