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Ceramic tile, building coating, decoration stone are the three big finishing material used in constructing for the inside and outside walls or the ground.  Because stone like granite and marble, they are solemn, magnificent, durable, its decoration effect compares the ceramic tile and the coating is stronger. Stone material like granite, marble the paste method are generally first apply the mortar on the concrete wall surface or the ground, then spreads the sealant on the stone material to paste again. But because the calcium hydroxide and the calcium sulfate containing in the cement and mortar can separate out of the stone material surface, produces the rain spot and the hoar frost, seriously damage its artistic. and also, the metal inserted in the stone material will meet water and become rust, will form the rusty stain on the stone surface.

In order to prevent this kind of pollution, often spreads the organosilicon water-repellent, the polymer cement mortar, the emulsion resin, the epoxy resin  etc on the inside surface of the stone, although it can have certain protection effect, but also has the following insufficiency: Uses organosilicon water-repellent processing, the stone material, cement and the mortar cannot form a sealed surface layer, is unable to suppress the hoar frost separation and the rain spot effectively; Uses polymer cement processing, not only material itself includes the hoar frost ingredient, moreover the water permeability is big, the protection effect is also not ideal;

Uses the emulsion resin treatment, when dry it is easy to be affected by the climatic conditions,  moreover its water affinity ingredient (for example like dispersing agent, thickeners agent and so on) the content is big, water resistance and durable exist problem; Uses epoxy resin processing, although can prevent the pan-frost and the Rain spot effectively, but the application property is bad, and also easy to stimulate the skin. Therefore, how to prevent effectively the pan-frost, the Rain spot and the rusty stain, presently introduces an overseas company who invents one kind of stone protective agent and the processing method.

I. protective treatment agent

The protective treatment agent becomes with non-aqueous dispersion resin and wet-type polyurethane resins. Can add the needed physical pigments, defoamers, dispersants, anti-Shen agents, thickeners and so on.    

1. non-aqueous dispersion resin is suitable for the base from acrylic acid, ethylene, styrene, vinyl acetate monomer, such as polymers or copolymers base material, dispersed in mineral oil in non-aqueous dispersion medium. Here the non-aqueous dispersion medium the light point is not high, toxic small, easy to construction.

2. the polyurethane use the resin which solidifies by isocyanate, should better use under the moisture content existence, can be solidified within 3 ~ 8h single combination of moisture-curable polyurethane resin.

3. physical pigment use heavy calcium carbonate, talc, clay and so on.


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