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protective treatment agent -2


4. admixture    

(1) use vinyl polymers such as defoamer. It prevents the foaming of processing agent during construction, resulting in uneven phenomenon.   
(2) use carboxylate this kind of dispersants, it easy disperse the material
(3) use anti-settling agents and so on polyether, ester, prevent the resin solid to precipitate in the dispersion medium.

(4) in order to be more convenient to attach for construction, it is advised to use thickening agent like.

II. protection processing method Pastes

when attaches the stone, firstly, spray coating or the protection agent inside the stone material and the side by 0.2~0.3kg/m3, then paste them to the ground or the building wall surface, under normal temperature after 1~2h  the protective agent solidify, the stone and the wall surface or the ground agglutinate fully.

protection processing experiment

Non-water dispersion acrylic resin 46.1%;
Moisture-curable polyurethane resin 19.7%;
Physical pigments (Heavy calcium carbonate) 26.3%;
Defoamer (specific vinyl polymers) 0.7%;
Dispersing agent (carboxylate) 1.3%;
Anti-settling agent (polyether, ester active ingredient) 1.3%;
thickening agent (puffs earth) 2.0%;

Petroleum solvent naphtha (high boiling point hydrocarbons solvent) 2.6%.

Spreads the protection agent 0.2~0.3kg/m3 inside and the side of the granite, carries on the following test:

1. accelerates the pan-frost experiment.  use 5% sodium sulfate solution to do the pan-frost experiment. The result indicate that the stone surface no pan-frost, no color change, no-crystallization separation.

2, adhesion test: apply mortar on granite protective surface coating, conservation for 21 days, and then paste epoxy resin steel templates on the mortar surface, placed for 2 hours, use tensile testing machine to test adhesion. The results show that strong adhesion to 7kg/cm2.

3. sealing material adhesion test: apply the sealing material on the granite protective coating, drying, and then paste epoxy steel template on seal surface, 2hours later use test machine to measure adhesion. The results show that the adhesion of sealing material is also strong, reaching 5kg/cm2.
4, construction evaluation

5, Evaluation on granite coating performance, the results show that the construction property is good.


mix the Non-aqueous dispersion resin and moisture-curable polyurethanem they two can mutually support each other and give full comprehensive performance and construction: First, improve the resistance of water, alkali, prevent the pan-cream, rain spot and the rusty stain, also stone surface pollution; second is to strengthen the adhesive force with concrete, cement mortar, sealing material.






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