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adding lustre to the stone


Shanghai Hongben stone material maintenance Limited recently strengthen the development on adding lustre to the stone, and has succeeded produces one kind new product HB-S502 membrane type stone luster agent, which have very good luster increasing effect on stone material with loose quality, or not easy to be polished.  After baisha beige, wood grain stone and Yunnan sandstone processed with this product (using the factory processes, large grinding machine  operation), the effect obviously enhances, even the Yunnan sandstone could reach to 90 degrees above, is called as“the miracle” in the stone industry.

This product adopt organic silicon resin as the main raw materials, with a small quantity of additives. After coating could penetrate along the stone pores to go into depths of stone, and with the hydroxyl in the stone react to form high polymer protection film. At the same time, its excellent leveling can automatically filled organosilicon, so that stone surface became more dense, more easily to polish. As a result of special hardness increasing design, the reaction of the polymer film not only have a good light, but also extreme hard. Therefore, the product is used by many people for polish and adding luster during the ground stone renovation.


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