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Granite Tile Do's and Don'ts


Here are a few things to think about when you are considering granite tile for your project:

Consider the area where you intend to install granite tile. Make sure that factors such as moisture levels, foot traffic, and slip resistance are carefully considered. Consider what type of surface is the best – polished, honed, or brushed (AKA flamed) are popular varieties in granite tile, each better suited to certain areas than others. Polished granite is great for countertops and low traffic areas, but often becomes slippery when wet. Honed flooring is more all-purpose, but may be considered less decorative by some. Brushed or flamed granite tile is most commonly used outdoors.

Read all warranty information before purchase

Look into hiring a flooring tile professional to help you as working with granite can be very strenuous, due to its weight particularly. When in doubt, it's always best to get experienced help

Inspect the whole batch before beginning an installation for possible breakage and any other issues, and consult your terms and conditions as to how to see about compensation, if any

Expect color variations in your batch of granite tile. Remember, granite is a natural material. Use these natural color variations found in your batch to your advantage. Get as creative with your layout as you can

Lay out all of your granite tiles in a dry run before applying mortar or other chosen adhesive agent.

Choose a sealant that best suits your choice in granite tile. Ask your sales rep or flooring professional about specific varieties and brand names

Initiate a cleaning and maintenance regimen; choose the appropriate cleaners and polishes based on experienced advice in order to make sure your granite tile retains all of its natural beauty


Install granite tile on an uneven, dirty or wet subfloor

Leave spills to sit on your granite tile flooring or countertops. It is important to avoid excessive moisture as this is what contributes to the wear of any building material. Also, liquids with an acid base are often culprits of stubborn stains

Allow dirt and grit to remain on the surface of your granite tile. These elements can affect the finish over time and take away from the natural beauty of granite

Use acid-based cleaners or other agents on your granite tile. This can be a major source of wear on your tile, cause stains to become permanent, and dull the finish as well. Avoid using any product your no sure about

Forget to thoroughly rinse your granite tile once you've used a recommended cleaner, or forget to change dirty water or solution which you are using to clean the tile

Use scouring powders, steel wool, or other abrasive materials to remove stains from your granite tile

Obviously this is not a complete list. Once again, one of the best courses of action to take to ensure that granite tile is the right choice for a flooring or countertop solution is to consult with the experts. This way, you are benefiting from years of experience which will allow you to avoid costly mistakes. It will also help to make sure that your granite tile will be as attractive and long lasting as it is meant to be with you as its best ally!



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