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General knowledge of nursing baby


The weight and the stature of baby who was born a month are growing quickly. Sleep more than 16 hours a day. His physiological weight will decrease within 3-4 days after he was born, but will recover within one week.

Start breast-feeding baby as early as possible: after baby was cut off the umbilical cord, you should bring newborn baby to his mother's arms to suckle breasts. Baby suckles earlier is one of the key points to the success of breast-feeding. Maybe at the beginning, there is less milk or no milk and the way which newborn baby suckles is also clumsy. Even so, it does not matter. The process of baby suckles nipples can stimulate mother to produce prolactin and urge lactescence. In order to produce enough breast milk, as long as child wants to eat, you should feed him and do not need to feed him in fixed time.

How to grasp feeding times: feeding baby according to his demand. The times of feeding baby breast milk may accord his demand and mother's breast saturation. Breast feeding should be based on the needs of infant and feed him when he wants. Do not feed him at regular intervals in order to reduce the filling of the breast. The duration of feeding baby each time is according to baby's demand. Let baby suckle one side of breasts first and then change another side. With the increase of the months, baby's capability of stomach and the amount of breast milk secretion will increase. And now you can feed baby at regular intervals, but still need to grasp the principle of feeding according to demand.

How to observe the color, shape and frequency of baby’s stool: usually newborn baby starts to defecate meconium within 10-20 hours after he was born, the color is atrovirens, called meconium, and will be defecated within 1 or 2 days. If the meconium cannot be defecated after 24 hours, you should take baby to the hospital. The color of newborn baby’s stool will start to change after he drinks milk. The stool of baby who is fed with breast milk will be golden and mushy, sometimes with some small granules, 3-6 times per day; and baby who is fed with milk, his stool will be straw yellow and look like ointment, 1-3 times per day.

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