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Four mistakes of nursing baby's little buttocks


1. Clean baby’s little buttocks with wet wipes from back to front after baby defecated, which will cause baby’s genitalia infected by bacilli.
Correct procedure: You should wipe baby’s little buttocks from front to back with wet wipes, so that the bacilli will not be transferred from anus to genitalia.

2. Use too much talcum powder on baby's little buttocks after cleaning immediately, which will cause the powder agglomerated and stimulate baby's tender skin.
Correct procedure: The talcum powder cannot be used too much on baby's little buttocks, just daub a little of talcum powder on it.
Special tips: Do not use talcum powder on baby girl's buttocks as possible as you can. Because of that will cause mucous membrane conglutination of labia.

3. Cover diaper on newborn baby's navel will cause navel contaminated by urine and infected.
Correct procedure: It is better to keep the diaper away from baby's navel when changing diapers for him.

4. When you are using diapers for baby and making the adhesive tapes too tight, this will damnify baby’s tender skin and cause diaper rash easily.
Correct procedure: When parents sticking the tapes for baby, the elasticity should be suitable to avoid skin injury. And the air can be circulated inside to keep baby's little buttocks dry.

Considerate tips:
When the weather or the room temperature is cold and long time changing diaper for baby will make your baby catch cold easily. Therefore, mommy should be quick when changing diapers for baby.

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