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Stone baluster                                  Stone baluster

Stone balusters are a class apart. Natural stone balustrade systems like marble baluster, granite balustrade, and limestone baluster create beautifully detailed exteriors for both your big homes and commercial buildings. No concrete or metal baluster can match the elegance that granite and marble stone imparts. They are available in different shades of granite and marble stone. Yuxiang offer numerous varieties of stone products including marble baluster, granite balustrade, limestone baluster, limestone balustrade, marble handrail, limestone railing, stone balusters, stair baluster, granite baluster, stone balustrades, ancient balustrade, marble balustrade, oak balustrade. We can work with you to accommodate your personal needs in regard to color and custom dimensions

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A spectacular marble baluster, granite balustrade, limestone baluster would enhance the character of any fine manor. These bold and tasteful balusters created carefully out of our fine nature stone. The beauty and grandeur of our classically designed balusters and handrails, in combination with our columns and capitals will enhance the beauty of any building exterior. It is available for you to choose different colors and materials.