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construction stone material                              construction stone material

Yuxiang is a manufacturer and exporter of china construction material, We can provide high quality china construction material, granite floor tile, china granite slab, cyan granite slab, granite paving slab, chinese granite, slate floor tile, bathroom slate tile, outdoor slate tile, slate stone tile, white granite tile. We carry products that are easy to install and very affordable.

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Durability in granite floor tile is almost a given, as china granite slab is widely acknowledged as one of the hardest substances on earth. For granite floor tile, it remains to be hard wearing, and yet also a refined design element. These facets of granite as floor tile make it a versatile and highly sought-after natural stone tile option for residential installations and commercial applications alike. Granite is a volcanic rock formed over the ages with great pressure and heat, characterized by a visibly crystalline appearance, which adds beauty to its other natural attributes. Granite is extracted from quarries around the world, and granite tiles and slabs are usually cut and polished at plants close their quarries. The tiles and slabs are normally cut to specification and polished on one side, and are characterized by their hard, dense, unyielding, and very smooth surfaces. Both granite tiles and granite slabs serve many uses from household applications to light commercial and even industrial construction projects. Because granite products are extremely well-suited to heavy foot traffic, they are frequently used in flooring projects. For a strong and decorative flooring material, granite flooring is a great way to go. Granite resists impact and abrasion, and the random patterns in each granite tile or granite slab make for unique decorating, and will enhance your home or office project with an individual appeal. Granite can also add a significant structural benefit, as well as aesthetic value, to any residential, office, or industrial building, and is therefore often used in foundations and walls as well as floors.