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Stone Lion                           Stone Lion

Yuxiang can supply many kinds of stone sculpture such as Chinese stone lion, stone lion head, stone elephants, lion garden statue, outdoor lion statue, outdoor animal statues, stone lion statue, marble lion statues, elephant statue, elephant rock, wild animal statue, fish, horses, cats, monkeys, elephant and people statues. Our company can supply different shapes and postures of stone lions; we also make it according to customers’ drawings and requirements.

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Lion is the king of the animals. Chinese stone lion culture exists finely in China, even if China is not lions' home country. The obvious example is there are rich stone lions in the old ancient architecture in Beijing. In the old days, the Chinese stone lions were always set before the gates of palaces, official residence, Yamen and temples to present the authority for its' high position in the animals. In the folk, the rich family set stone lions on both side of the gates as Men dun to guard the houses and keep the evil outside. Stone lions to be part of the traditional architecture glitter in the Chinese traditional architecture. Chinese stone lions as the rare cultural bequest should be protected well. A lively chinese stone lions carvings with exquisite craftsmanship is ensure you have wonderful feeling to know our Chinese stone lions. The symbol of stone lion shows a place of power, the stone of the wisdom