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stone vanity top                                     stone vanity top

Yuxiang is a leading granite and marble manufacturer , produces and exports the highest quality fantastic top vanity and is specializing in bathroom and architectural designs. Our product lines : stone vanity top, granite vanity tops, marble vanity tops, granite basins, bathroom vanity tops, marble basins, stone washbasin, granite sink, granite sink top, stone Vanity Bowl, marble vessel, granite bathroom sink, black granite sink vanity top sink , etc. The vanity tops we offer for the residential and commercial use are practical and stylish. These stone vanity top, granite vanity tops, marble vanity tops are long time durable, water resistant and easy clean. They are the best choice for both hotels and homes. We have good experience in hotel countertop and vanity top project. Hotel and Inn owner or builder or designer or distributor or wholesaler please contact us. We can supply you vanity top clip and porcelain bowl, which go with granite vanity top.  Custom designs and dimensions are available.

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Light rose flecks accent the natural golden color of this marble vanity top. Harder than solid surfacing, the marble will give a lifetime of service if properly treated and maintained. The polished surface of marble vanity top is factory treated with a sealant for easy cleaning and stain resistance. Exposed edges are finished with a diamond-polished bevel. Backsplashes are included but not attached to countertop. Black, white and green are the other marble color choices.