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stone vanity top                                     stone vanity top

Yuxiang is vanity top supplier, produces and exports the highest quality fantastic top vanity and is specializing in bathroom and architectural designs. Our stone products include: beige vanity top, veining vanity top, granite pedestal sink, granite vanity top, marble vanity tops, bathroom vanity top, stone top vanity, black granite top, granite basin, pedestal stone sink, marble pedestal sink, bath pedestal sink, etc. The vanity tops we offer for the residential and commercial use are practical and stylish. They have unique variations in colors and veining turns make each specimen a natural work of art, like beige vanity top, veining vanity top, granite pedestal sink. These granite vanity tops are long time durable, water resistant and easy clean. We have good experience in hotel countertop and vanity top project. Hotel and Inn owner or builder or designer or distributor or wholesaler please contact us. We can supply you vanity top clip and porcelain bowl, which go with granite vanity top. Custom designs and dimensions are available.

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Beige vanity top, veining vanity top, granite pedestal sink are very beautiful, taking granite pedestal sink for example, each basin with pedestal unit is made with excellent craftsmanship and is composed of high quality materials to ensure long lasting beauty. Simplicity design displays the beauty of neat lines, granite pedestal stand, prolong usage, firm and human-friendly. They are safe for bathroom use as they are all water-repellent and moisture proof.