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stone column capital                             stone column capital

The architectural column is a powerful and visually arresting design element, which explains its growing popularity with builders and designers. The column is like an architectural exclamation point! Yuxiang is a manufacturer of various column capital mainly include interior column capital, Corinthian Column capital, granite and marble column capital, column head, limestone column capital, ornamental column, Ionic column capital, Doric column capital, structural column, ornate column capita, Tuscan column capital, classical columns. Greek or Roman columns would not be complete without the elegant style of a decorative column capital and base for that finishing touch. Most people look to the column capital for quick identification of a column. Our all interior column capital, Corinthian Column capital, granite column capital are excellence.


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Interior column capital or Corinthian Column capital or granite column capital, each column capital has its own style and personality that imparts character and tectonic expression to a wide variety of building types. Corinthian column capital, comprises the so-called cauliculus crowned by a rectangular slab (abacus). The cauliculus is decorated externally with relief acanthus leaves, palmettes and spirals, the corner ones supporting the abacus.