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Yuxiang is a manufacturer of various stone products. Our stone products mainly include decorative roman column, ionic column capital, scamozzi column capital, greek column capital, greek temple columns, column base, corinthian greek columns, ionic greek column, greek doric column, ancient roman column, roman doric columns, granite pillar, marble pillar. Greek or Roman columns would not be complete without the elegant style of a decorative column capital and base for that finishing touch. Most people look to the column capital for quick identification of a column.

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Interior column capital or Ionic column capital or granite column capital, each column capital has its own style and personality that imparts character and tectonic expression to a wide variety of building types. The Ionic column capital, which appeared in Aeolis, Asia Mincr, in the 6th century BC. It comprises two antithetic volutes between which springs a palmette. Ionic column capital, At the top, front and back, pairs of volutes with eyes at their center. The volutes are linked on lateral sides by cylindrical members cushions. Between the volutes is a compressed spherical member, the echinus, decorated with Ionic cymation (egg-and-tongue) and half-palmettes in the angles formed by the volutes. This capital and the other show the stylized palmette pattern. The plants are arranged in two tiers of different sizes. The overhanging upper lip was knocked off when the capital was reused. Tle palmette pattern - once painted - covers the unstructured bell-shaped core like a dense net. This surface treatement is typical stylistic feature of the architecture of the period.