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YuXiang,after the company nearly 10 years experience in quartz stone production and accumulation of research and development,investing heavily into china's leading quartz stone manufacturing base,give 10 years of experience in power and the development of quartz rock,led a comprehensive taste of modern decoration trend,high-end high exciting mix of global product quality,environmental performance of stone products bring new high-tech feel.


Stone new environmental protection thchnology:YuXiang quartz stone is the latest high-tech environmental protection products,stone,the ultimate hard wear-resistant,non-radiation,anti-fouling super anti-corrosion,clean simple,compact texture,the strong degree of bending,high temperature,the natural texture,non-durable bright color,texture premise to excellent,deep-users worldwide praise!

Hot new product: quartz stone is a large-scale airports,subway stations,shopping malls,hotels,guest houses,clubs noble,large-scale real estate buildings,public space projects such as the high-grade timber to putie to the wall,table,window,application of sanitary and other the type of features the highest quality achievements of modern life.