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cobble stones                          cobble stones

Yuxiang specialize in the export of all kinds of cobble stones, pebble stones, cobble patio stone, pebble mosaic, pebble shower tile, bathroom pebble tile, basalt cobble stone, cobble stone pavers, cobble stone tile, white pebble, yellow pebble, pebble stone tile, pebble wall tile, pebble floor tile, river pebble tile, cobble stone tile. They are widely applications in Urban Street Paving, Porte Caches, Light Duty Parking Lots, Residential Driveways, Patios, Walkways, Pedestrian Malls, Medians, Terraces, Pool Decks, Sidewalks, Garden Paths, Roof Gardens. For these widely application, cobble stones, pebble stones, cobble patio stone are special welcomed.

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A cobble stone is smaller than a boulder and larger than a pebble stone. Cobble stones like cobble patio stones are fireproof, need little maintenance and no paint. Cobble stones impart classic, European elegance to paved areas with its old world design. Cobble stones offer designers, architects and builders unlimited design possibilities. The nostalgic, natural stone look in rectangular and square pavers can be used in various combinations to obtain an array of exciting designs, ideal for residential and commercial applications. Pebbles are made from small stones that are ingeniously arranged then glued to a mesh backing. Each one is laid out in a way that gives you seamless joins. They are ideal for pathways, fountains, wet areas and for decor features, both indoors and outdoors.