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Yuxiang carvings of fine modern stone statues, sculpture and figurines may be what you are looking for. From athlete sculptures, modern garden statue to female nude sculpture, these are available for us to carve. We can supply various types of modern stone statues, athlete sculpture, modern garden statue, modern art sculpture, modern nude statue, modern garden sculpture, Sports sculptures, motherhood sculpture, child sculpture, symbol sculptures. Beijing white marble and China royal white marble are the best carving materials. And we also carve any custom complex sculptures as your idea or photo.

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Carved modern stone statues, athlete sculpture, modern garden statue will make creative additions that enhance the beauty and elegance of both your indoor as well as outdoor spaces. The great classic modern garden statue of almost always featured garden statues such as life portrayals of men, women, birds and beasts. They would be used to attract the eye down particular vistas, to add height and interest to a flat area, or to provide a foil for water gardens or ponds. Buddhas, cherubs, small children and athlete sculpture are also common subjects for statues large and small.