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Mushroom Stone                                          Mushroom Stone

Yuxiang is a professional processor, exporter and importer of stone products include marble mushroom, granite mushroom, staddle stone, mushroom stone, exterior wall tile, culture stone, granite wall tile, mushroom slates, stone wall tile, wall slate, etc. they are a beautiful and classic wall materials. Marble mushroom, granite mushroom, staddle stone are the best materials of villas and fences, suitable for inside and outside wall decorations for paving wall beautifying environment.

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Our mushroom stone: marble mushroom, granite mushroom, staddle stone are strong and endurance. The facture is natural, mushroom, or rough edges, various colors and surfaces optional. Made of ceramic, marble and granite. Available finishes: both face riven finish / top face riven, back grounded / top face honed, back grounded / random flagstone finish. Available colors: green, grey, red, pink, yellow etc. Customer's format also available.